Welcome To The New And Improved Site!


Welcome To The New And Improved Site!


Sorry for the problems on the site last week. Starting with the site crashing Monday morning and then losing internet access in the middle of recovering the site. (Thanks Utility Dept.!:( )
After a day of struggling with the site I decided it was a good time to update the site completely.
This has taken all of last week but I think the majority of the changes are complete.
I will continue tweaking some on the site but no additional major changes will take place.

Thanks for being patient during this time.
Please comment below and let me know that you think.

Kevin P. King


  1. Hello,
    I subscribe to get the posting about 2 months ago (and everything’s been GREAT) up until about a week ago.
    I’m not receiving any notices anymore.
    How do I fix this?

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