Crew Call Director of Photography and Sound Recordist “Cartoonish:” Charleston, SC


Crew Call

Director of Photography and Sound Recordist for “Cartoonish:” Short film shooting in January in Charleston, SC

looking to fill two crew positions for my short film “Cartoonish.”


  1. Director of Photography
  2. Sound Recordist


Both need to be able to work as a local in Charleston, SC for a two day shoot in early January 2017, have experience shooting/recording narrative films, and have their own gear.


It’ll be a very low budget film with very minimal crew, but will be very professional and will offer plenty of exposure since the film will be submitted to many film festivals and eventually be shown online.



A famous animator inadvertently warps a ten year old boy’s imagination.


Please be advised that the short explores darker themes such as gun control, suicide, and how twisted a child’s imagination can become when exposed to these issues. So if you prefer not to be involved with these things, please do not submit. The cast will consist of two leads, a man in his 40s, and a 10 year old child. The film is a mix of live action and animation, and the animated segments are completed, and anyone hired will get to see them prior to the production, so you get a full sense of what the film is trying to convey.


Please only reply if you are able to work as a local to Charleston, SC area, because of budget constraints, I cannot afford to cover gas and lodging.


If interested, please submit reel/info/what you charge per day to: