CDC Extras Savannah Starting bookings today. Seeking the following. Savannah, GA


CDC Extras Savannah

Starting bookings today and will be all weekend,
All of this works in Savannah, GA. Must work local. Please do not submit if you live 2 hours away or further.
For everything below, the rate is $64/8. OT after 8 hours.
VERY IMPORTANT – I will be booking this NOW. So if you submit, please check your email within the next few hours. I will be booking from 2:30 – 5:00 PM and then later tonight.

For IN AN LA MINUTE (Starring Kiersey Clemmons and Garbriel Byrne):

–Working MONDAY and TUESDAY – people who have not worked the show before: Looking for men and women 18 and older to play audience members in a talk show and crew on the “stage” (Subject: MONDAY and/ or TUESDAY)… Let me know which day you are available.
For MISFORTUNE (starring John Cusack and Willa Fitzgerald) working next week and a week in Atlanta later…
–a photo double for Mr. Cusack. He has dark hair and is 6’2″ – 6’3″. When submitting, send all of your clothing sizes and CURRENT photos of you hair. (This rate pays $140/12) (Subject: MR. CUSACK’S DOUBLE)
–I will also start booking that other scene later next week with the kayaks, etc.
For LIZZIE (Starring Kristen Stewart and Chloe Sevigny) – the week is finally here…

EVERYONE is required to have a wardrobe fitting in advance and fittings will take place at least a week before the shoot date. Must be willing to attend a fitting and day of shoot.
I have fittings Monday – Wednesday. Everyone must attend a fitting. You MUST be available Friday of next week and the entire week of the 12/12. If you are not, please state in the email what days you are not available, as I try to schedule them.

(People are not responding as fast I need them to on these fittings and I have a lot of shows to deal with.)
If you have already submitted and you are a female, I do not need you to submit again. If you HAVE NOT submitted:
–(Subject: WOMEN) Ladies – we have larger dresses! BUT you must give me your measurements and dress sizes. You MUST have hair that is a natural color and shoulder length or longer.
–Men: STILL looking for beards. Sadly, most all of our wardrobe is on the leaner side. A lot of you have GREAT beards, but your hair is too short or too modern. But please submit either way. (Subject: BEARDS)
–If you have a Tux, send a photo of you in a tux (beard or no beard, I do not care.) (Subject: TUX)
–Men without beards: Still need you too! (Subject: LIZZIE MEN)
On LIZZIE, it is SO important that you list all of your clothes sizes including your measurements, ladies.
The rate for LIZZIE will be $64/8, as opposed to $115/12. (These are going to be long days, and you’re going to make more in overtime anyways…)
I especially need older men. I just need men. The look on this is very specific and there are not a lot of background, so we are being very particular.
For THE DIVORCE PARTY working MONDAY – people who HAVE NOT already worked it – need patrons for a coffee shop. (Subject: DIVORCE COFFEE)
For BEAST OF BURDEN (Starring Daniel Radcliffe):
–Hispanic men and women for a warehouse scene (Subject: WAREHOUSE)
–REAL MILITARY, REAL FIREFIGHTERS, REAL PARAMEDICS. (Subject: REAL (Whateveryouare) (REAL, meaning like, you have been there and done that… not that you played it once on VAMPIRE DIARIES…)
Rate is $64/8. We don’t have a schedule on this just yet, but the film wraps before Christmas.
1) When submitting photos, I must see your entire face. Clearly. No hats. No sunglasses. Not blurry. Not you in a group photo. Your face. No stupid Snapchat filters!!!! (Come on, people…)
2) You MUST list the subject to which you are submitting.
3) Please be sure you list the city you live in. If you don’t, I delete the photo.
To apply, please email three recent photographs with the following information and:
1) Name
2) Email
3) Phone Numbers
4) City You Currently Live In
5) ALL CLOTHES SIZES including measurements and dress size (ladies) and coat, pants, and shirt measurements (men)