Casting call for middle-aged woman in Greensboro, NC


Casting call for middle-aged woman in Greensboro

Casting call for the role of a middle-aged female bartender in “An Ape’s Story” (tentative)  in Greensboro.

I’m looking to shoot all of the bar scenes in a few hours during the afternoon on Saturday, January 14th or 21st.  Pay is negotiable.


Synopsis: “An Ape’s Story” will be a dry-comedy, mockumentary-style short focusing on Boon, who used to be a hit on America’s Funniest Home Video-style shows years ago but who has had trouble keeping up with the changing times and all the competition he’s found with the spread of YouTube videos.


Boon has a brief conversation with the bartender, Suze, at the end of the movie.  I’ve included the pages with her lines as an attachment.


If interested, email me at with any questions.

And if you have a reel, go ahead send that, too!  Thanks!

OBNOXIOUS GUY Nah, nah, I was wrong. Thought you were someone else.
The guy walks off. Masked Boon just stares at the camera.
Boon has his mask off. He’s again turned toward the camera, trying to take on a sober tone although he’s anything but.
BOON Yet sometimes I think to myself that maybe it was the damn success itself.
(Cut in shots of people not being scared, shots of people aping or making fun of him.)
BOON People start recognizing ya. It’s hard to get that effect ya once did because people think they seen it before, know what’s gonna happen next.
(See earlier competition with younger guy too…)
He leans towards the camera.
BOON That’s bull. Only the artist knows what’s gonna happen next.
He points at his head.
BOON It’s all up here.
He polishes off his beer and looks down the bar towards the bartender, waiting for her to see him. She does and heads his way.
BOON Now Suze here gets it.
She smiles for the camera.
SUZE Oh what you talking ’bout?
She laughs.
BOON Nothin’ darling, just saying those of us from a certain time understand.
SUZE I don’t know… if you say so.
She looks down at his beer.
SUZE One thing I do understand…
She looks from the beer to him.
One more?
Boon smiles and looks towards the camera.
BOON See! I told ya she understands.
SUZE Oh, ya big hairy old ape…
She smiles and walks off. His eyes follow her as she goes to get his beer (maybe have him kinda lecherously looking at her ass…)
He turns towards the camera one last time and smiles.
BOON Now some things…
He looks towards her again and then back towards the camera.
BOON …some things…never get old.
Early gag: VO with ape lurking in the trees while the host says something like “this cute couple thought it’d be ’cute’ to get in touch with nature. Little did they know how close they’d get…” Then the ape scares them.
BOON When’s the last time you had to wait on a download?