Extras Casting Atlanta, Some more upcoming needs for ‘Den of Thieves’


Extras Casting Atlanta

Some more upcoming needs for ‘Den of Thieves’

For a few different bar scenes we are looking for the following specifics:

Off duty police officer types – 20 – 50 years old – various looks – mostly clean cut but some rougher undercover types as well – BAR COPS in Subject
Some older wise guy types – 50’s to 60’s — flashy – all ethnicities – WISE GUY in Subject
Soccer club players – Mexico and Croatian looks – SOCCER PLAYERS in Subject
Hispanic men and women – 18 – 40 — HISPANIC COUPLES in Subject
Super hot caucasian female – blonde – St Pauli Girl type promo girl/Waitress – BLONDE WAITRESS in Subject
For all email a recent photo and all contact info to: DenExtras@gmail.com