Tona B. Dahlquist Casting MR. MERCEDES (Charleston, SC) MONDAY 3/20


Tona B. Dahlquist Casting

MR. MERCEDES (Charleston, SC) MONDAY 3/20

JUST IN —–Already having a few cancellations for MONDAY 3/20….

Needing an African American Female Hairdresser, 1 female server at the bar, several female side walk passerbys, Several male sidewalk passerbys -1 with a vehicle we can use on the street (non white 2011 or earlier vehicle), and more….

CALL TIME for several of these scenes may be VERY Early -such as 5;45 AM in Charleston.

Please do not submit if you would not be able to make such if that indeed ends up being your time.

We can not use anyone that filmed on Thursday.

AVAILABLE? Let us know at with heading MONDAY 3/20 AVAIL.

Please submit a current photo, name, age, phone, height/weight,clothing sizes, color/make/model/year vehicle and city/state you reside.

We are going back thru all the previous submissions for this date and sending out request messages as well. If you submitted for 3/20 request previously -check your emails tonight and Saturday. Thanks.