Casting Call Re-Shooting Dreaming Short Film. Greensboro, NC


Re-Shooting Dreaming Short Film

Independent Film Maker Re-Shooting

Title: Day Dreamer

Location: Greensboro, NC

Shoot Dates: TBA

Compensation: Credit, Copy,

Submission Deadline: 04/01/2017

Synopsis: Martin goes to counseling because he feels as if he as a stalker. Everywhere he goes the same person keeps appearing out of nowhere and Martin can’t seem to figure out why. Sometimes he thinks he is just going crazy and that person doesn’t really exist. Later he wakes up to find everything he believed to be real a hallucination.

Genre: Drama

Casting call for:

Sarah- Comedic, Any ethnicity, female, 22-30 yrs old. She is Martin’s old friend. She is very open minded, outspoken, sarcastic, free spirited type of girl that loves to have fun.

Joey- Any ethnicity, male, 25-30 yrs old. A friend of Martin. Joey wants the best for Martin. Like Sarah he is comedic, sarcastic and out spoken.

Psychologist- Any ethnicity, any gender, 25-35yrs old. Tall sophisticated look. Martins psychologist knows he is going crazy but is not sure how bad he is until much later.

Unknown- Any ethnicity, male 25-30 yrs old. Quiet creeper looking type. Appears everywhere Martin goes.

Must be at least 20 to be considered for the roles listed above.
**Head subject line with ROLE submitting for, Current City and film title.

Example Joey / Dreaming Short Film/ Greensboro NC

For consideration please send your headshot, contact, resume and a link to your reel (if applicable) to

All questions can also be submitted to this email address.