Casting for “Taking Care of Business; the “TCB THUNDER MISSIONS” A Non-Union feature film. Charlotte, NC


Taking Care of Business; the “TCB THUNDER MISSIONS”

Casting for “Taking Care of Business; the “TCB THUNDER MISSIONS”

A Non-Union feature films

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Casting by: Sue Thies

Start Date: May TBD

UNION: Non-Union.

PAY: No-pay

LOCATIONS: Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas.

SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY: PLEASE SUBMIT BY: SUNDAY, APRIL 24th PLEASE EMAIL: A response with a headshot, a resume, and reel or some samples of your works (If you have one.)


If you are crew members and would like to work for credit, please also send us your information to be considered.


A pulse-pounding ACTION thriller and personal revenge feature film. It combines with music and lots of Martial Arts actions styles.


We are looking for actors to fill the following roles:

LUCY: (20s-30s)

A waitress at US airport. She is always waiting on Rick and his crew when they leave and come into town.


A laid back kind of guy until it comes to Chi and his Thugs. Then he gets a little nervous when Chi comes into the bar. Tom moved to the Island from the states for peace and quiet, not knowing what he was really in for.

  1. HICKS: (40s-50s)

He is the school principal he tries to make everything go so smooth in school.

ALEA: (20s-30s)

The waitress on the Island. Has small part. She talks to Rick and the gang how concerned she is that he finds his son?


The waitress where Andrew is taken. She calls the police and talks to the cops once they are there.

JAMES: (25s-35s)

The limo driver, for Rick and his family. He has always taken good care of the family’s needs since Rick and Melissa were married.


They have been in business for over 20 years Rick and Melissa favorite place to eat.


Wayne has been working for Rick for the best part of 4 years, takes him to all his gigs.


Kurt is a military friend of Tandy’s, they were in Nam together. So they have always had each other back.

CHARLIE [LEARNING TO BE AN FBI AGENT] (25s-35s) Charlie is and easy going man, who joined the FBI right out of college. He is a real go-getter don’t stop til the job is done.

RANDY SLEDGE: (35s-55s)

Rick’s best friend, they started a business together just right out of High School. When Randy went to Nam, Rick opened Rick Peterson’s Productions. When Randy got back, Rick asks if he would like to work for him, he did.


Nancy has been working with FBI as soon as she got out of high school.

So she has been with the FBI for about 30 years.

KEVIN: (25s-40s)

A small time businessman. Taking people to and from the Island and the mainland. He listens to Chi and his Thugs, so no trouble is started.


A small part, only a couple of lines. He plays Nina’s husband. He works for a marketing company right up to the street from where his friend Rick Peterson works.


She is Melissa best friend. She is fun to be around. They went to school together and even had a double wedding.

VINNY: (25s-35s)

Very short part one liner. He works hard to be liked. Vinny just wants to be one of the gang and hanging out with the crowd. He wants to feel like he belongs.


Mr. Wayne has been working for Lee for a long time. He does as Lee tells him to do. Wayne is Lees way to and from the mainland.

CHI: (Male, Asian, 35s-55s)

Chi has been in the mob with Lee for a long time in organized crime.

Always wants things done his way or no way. Likes to take charge. As a boy, he was a big bully in school always picking on the smaller children. He doesn’t take crap from anybody. Lee hired him because he likes his mannerism.


Rano is a young man early 20s one of a twin when he got out of high school. He joined the police academy then later decide he wanted to be with FBI.

KANO: (20s-30s)

When he got out of high school, Kano wanted to be part of the FBI team. He is the stronger one of the two brothers. Rano and Kano are brothers likes to play practical jokes.

LING: (Male, Asian, 20s-30s)

Ling does all the dirty work for Lee, so Lee doesn’t have to get his hands dirty. He was growing up on the wrong side of the tracks. As a teenager was always into drugs and the wrong side of the law.

LEE:(Male, Asian, 45s-60s)

Lee is the Mob boss. Growing up was really rough. He was adopted. He lost his parents at an early age. In and out of homes for adoption. He ended up in a gang. Then later turn to becomes a mob boss.

TY:(Male, Asian, 30s-40s))

He is Lee’s, right-hand man. As a child he was always a troubled kid, getting into all kind of mischief. So he was honored when Lee asks him to be his right-hand man.

WHEY: MOB PILOT: (30s-40s)

Whey has been working for Lee for a long time, takes him to and from the Island as well.

CHUNG: SECOND RIGHT-HAND MAN TO LEE AFTER TY(Male, Asian,25s-35s) Ty tries to act all big and bad. But things will change for Chung to as he gets to know his new boss Lee.